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Our comprehensive approach to financial planning and wealth management differentiates us amongst the common group of Advisors. We implement a systematic approach towards planning with our clients. By utilizing the CWA system, we can assure every client of ours get a thorough review of their plans while following through each step. Consistency is important as it will also allow clients to understand each component of the plan and what to expect next in the process.

CWA stands for Custom Wealth Architect. It’s a 5-step process we use and apply across all our clients. This systematic approach allows us to ensure we do not miss any important element in our planning and allows you to know what to expect from the planning process with us.

Some key things to keep in mind when you’re looking for Wealth Manager is to ensure they have the appropriate credentials, qualifications and experience. You should also ask to find out what types of clients they specialize in as well as the size of their client base they serve. Determine the types of products and services they offer and see if it aligns with what you are looking for.

By implementing a careful tax-planning strategy, we can work towards growing your wealth while minimizing the tax burden and maximizing your tax savings. Together, we will explore tax strategies and assess which ones can be employed.

Will I be charged for this review? We offer complimentary reviews of portfolios. These reviews will give us an opportunity to meet and determine if your plan is optimized. If it is and you’re happy with your current service, we’ll send you on your way. No obligations. If we find areas we can improve and suggest optimization, we can work together to further review and revise your Financial plan.

Yes, we specialize in the Wealth Management of Retirees, Executives and Small Business Owners. We will work with you to design a plan geared towards your situation and particular profile.

We provide Financial, Retirement, Tax & Estate Planning. However, if there are other services you require, we have our team of Business Associates available to assist.

As we have our areas of expertise, sometimes we may engage the services of other financial professionals if we feel we cannot meet your financial needs on our own. If this was the case, we will work together with you and our business associates to take care of those needs. We aim to have an all-inclusive relationship with you, thus saving you the time and convenience of dealing with one common firm.

We are happy to provide you with a sample of our Financial Plan. In fact, we encourage you to ask to see it as this will help you see the level of detail and areas of coverage you should expect through working with us.

The IPS is a document we generate with you after we have gone through the initial phase of our CWA. This happens when we have met in person and discussed your personal and financial goals as well as any obstacles and opportunities that may present. This document will summarize our discussion and reveal your risk tolerance & objectives. It will become the backbone from where we can begin our planning. The IPS is also reviewed after several years to determine if there have been any changes to objectives and risks.

After an initial consultation and once we have mutually agreed there is a fit for us to work together, we begin the formal process of establishing our investment relationship with you and your family. We will put you through our rigorous CWA process by beginning with a review of the financial and personal information you provide. Eventually, we will prepare our recommendations for your investments and any other wealth management issues that we identify. When ready, the process of setting up your investment accounts and transferring of the assets will begin.

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