Proper wealth management is a mindset

Mindsets are beliefs that shape our reality. If you're of the mind that your investments could or should be doing better, we can put your mind at ease with a complimentary portfolio comparison.

The Westminster Mindset

This is a mindset intervention for business owners, executives and retirees...

It’s a new way to think about managing your wealth. You see, there are many subtle differences between a financial institution that offers you “suitable” investment choices vs. an independent advisor that can do what’s best for you.

Independent wealth management that puts your best interests, first

If you've ever felt like just another number in your advisor's filing cabinet, you're not alone.

In fact, you may be getting the same “personalized” advice as everyone else. It’s not that your advisors aren’t trying to help you. They may simply be doing what they’re trained to do, as opposed to what you may think is best for you.

If your portfolio isn’t getting the attention you deserve, it’s time to consider iA Private Wealth/Westminster Private Wealth.

Honest, objective and trustworthy advice can change your whole financial outlook

The truth is, financial institutions often have their own best interests to keep in mind.

As an independent advisor with Westminster Private Wealth, Ray Choo can provide you with unbiased advice. That way, your investment plan is completely aligned with:

    • Your life goals
    • Your hope & dreams
    • Your risk tolerance
    • Your best interests

If you’re looking for wealth management that’s more transparent, see how working with a fee-only, fiduciary advisor makes your portfolio his #1 priority.

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Mindset Reset

Achieving wealth’s independence isn’t just about having a growth
mindset. An independent advisor who reduces as many of your costs as possible can help you preserve your wealth for generations to come.

A whole different mindset to managing your wealth

For individuals who have considerate wealth (or those wanting to achieve it), you require a level of financial planning that goes above & beyond what your financial institution may be able to offer.

The real difference is how we think about preserving your wealth.

A wealth of knowledge to preserve your lifestyle & legacy

Relax into retirement with private wealth management...the same level of service 
normally reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals. Our integrated financial services include:

Advanced Investment Strategies

Retirement Planning

Legacy & Longevity Planning

Trust & Tax Planning

Personal Pension Plans & *Insurance

Business Succession Planning

Westminster clients across Canada & beyond

“Ray listened, advised and I felt I could trust him. He was also very down-to-earth…human. I didn’t feel that I was was just another number in a filing cabinet. He genuinely cared.”


“His advice is something you pay for and the rewards are tremendous.”


“Ray makes everything transparent and clear. He answers everything that I ask. I gained confidence with his personal hands on approach.”


Unconflicted, independent wealth management

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If you want financial independence, you need independent financial advice.

Unfortunately, if your current advisor is serving both you and their financial institution, there may be a conflict of interest. It’s only when you  compare the numbers will you see the difference working with an independent advisor can make to your retirement portfolio.

(So you can retire worry-free)