The Westminster Mindset:

Independent & Entrepreneurial

Mindsets can either serve to empower you or disempower you.

When it comes to many financial advisors, the duality of serving you and serving their company could at times lead them to use investment strategies that you feel may not serve you best.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends
on his not understanding it.”


As an independent advisor with Westminster Private Wealth, our livelihood is not dependent on selling you investment products. Our compensation model is fee-only. This way, our mindset is about helping clients make educated and smart decisions that feel right to them.

Biased Advice

✗    Pushing products (with high fees)
✗    General lack of expertise
✗    Under performance
✗    Lack of attention
✗    Limited product shelf

Independent Advisor

  Save on taxes, fees and expenses
  Dedicated focus and skillset
✓   Maximizes returns AND minimizes losses
  Quarterly goal setting & stress tests
  1000s of securities and ETFs

The Integrity Touch

At Westminster Private Wealth, our promise to you starts with integrity:

  We commit to listen to your needs, wants and concerns
  We will not make a recommendation until we fully understand your problem
  We will explain your financial planning options, costs and our relationship with external partners when making recommendations to you
 We will explain our recommendations in plain language so that you understand what we are talking about
  We endeavour to fully understand your lifestyle and retirement needs so that we properly balance the risk in your portfolio with your expectation of returns
  We commit to bringing you new and relevant ideas or opportunities as they are introduced to the market place

Then, we back up our words with our process.

Mindset Reset

There’s a crucial difference between the many fee-based advisors that receive commissions for the products they sell vs. a fee-only advisor that is invested in your business needs and goals. When acting as your Portfolio Manager, Ray has a fiduciary obligation to act in your best interests. 


Most financial advisors can be described as “fee-based,” which means they may collect commissions on their company’s investment products in addition to charging for their financial management services. Or, they may be fully dependent on commissions.

As a fee-only advisor, Ray has no financial incentive to recommend one investment product over another. This independence helps remove biases and potential conflicts of interest.

“He doesn’t push your concerns aside, he doesn’t speak to you in business language.
He’s listening to what you’re saying. Ray’s not only interested
in the financial aspect but also in how you’re doing on a personal level.”


(So you can retire worry-free)