Tax Saving Strategies

Brian Laundry

Insurance Consultant*

The more dedicated people you have to support your goals, the more resources you have to help you make confident decisions – without feeling mentally taxed.

Brian brings additional expertise and insight to insurance, planning and tax planning. The quality of his advice rivals that of professional accountants, yet his approach and delivery of solutions are succinct and easy to understand.

By integrating Brian into our overall financial investment services, it creates an environment where professionals challenge one other, which is always in the best interests of the client.

“Brian’s ability to simplify complicated ideas and make clients feel comfortable are what sets him apart in my mind.”



“Brian approaches insurance the right way – with a client-first objective and a comprehensive view of an individual’s financial situation.”



“Brian’s one of the most revered, well-known, sot-after and go-to experts for trusted advisors and accountants.”


The King of Main Street

(So you can retire worry-free)

T: 416-410-4098
TF: 1-877-RAY-3838
F: 416-848-0728


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