Replace financial anxiety with objective retirement planning

Anxiety is your imagination of an unfavourable future outcome.

The closer you move towards retirement, the more financial anxiety you may be feeling.

⚠    You’re unsure if you’ll have enough to retire comfortably
⚠    You don’t know if you (or your partner) will outlive your savings
⚠    You don’t know if you trust your financial advisor’s advice

Don’t let anxiety steal your retirement dreams!

The first half of your retirement can be a very vulnerable time as there is a risk of pre-maturely depleting your retirement savings if you are exposed to unforeseen risk.

Instead of risk, we give you confidence:

   Our Custom Wealth Architect will help frame the financial facts so you can approach your
       golden years with positive expectations and a relaxed mindset.

   Our quarterly stress test provides valuable and timely information that will help us to make
       decisions that can preserve your retirement savings.


Don’t let your anxiety turn into procrastination and keep you from taking action. Leaving your retirement savings with your financial institution to invest where they feel is most appropriate could be a risky or potentially costly strategy.

Want to get serious about retirement planning? Get it in writing.

For the average person, gone are the days of a company pension plan.

Even if you invest in a Personal Pension Plan, you may still want to consider that on average, people are living longer. So you want to be sure you’ve got everything covered. 

Having a retirement plan in writing provides you with the necessary framework to:

  • Keep you from overspending
  • Avoid withdrawing too much, too early
  • Account for unexpected life events
  • Anticipate the costs of living longer 
  • Deal with business short falls
  • Survive inevitable market implosions
  • Protect against sequence risk

Plus, you’ll want a decumulation plan, so that you can reduce assets, achieve the lifestyle you truly desire, and actually enjoy retirement! 

“I am happily retired and feeling secure that my finances are in good hands.”


(So you can retire worry-free)