Investment management service. Not just lip service.

Does your financial institution charge a lot for their investment services?

But you're not necessarily seeing a lot of return on your investment?

For clients, this could mean you’re getting:

⚠    More in-house products
⚠    Less due diligence
⚠    Higher commissions 

For affluent investors, however… or any individual who wants to augment their wealth,
you have different needs than the average person.

You want an advisor who:

   Helps you instead of pushing products
   Breaks things down in plain language
✓    Puts your best interests, first

What you don’t want is to have your money bundled into pre-determined firm-driven portfolios that put your investment at risk.

Mindset Reset

In response to the new Client Focus Reform (CFR), many financial institutions have reduced the number of product offerings their advisors are able to recommend. But as part of one of the largest independent firms in Canada (unlike a bank owned firm), we can offer you a very large product shelf.

Evidence-based investment management for a stress-free lifestyle

The value of any investment is based on market sentiment. But you still need to factor in reality.

While building a growth portfolio is certainly beneficial to long-term returns, we need to evaluate your risk-bearing ability. 

Keep in mind, as the market changes, the amount of money you have will change, too.

If we’ve learned anything from history…  

  • Markets will crash again and again (and possibly at the worst time)
  • Promises of consistent 10% annual gains are merely assumptions
  • You cannot time the markets (without paying unnecessary fees & taxes)
  • There will always be new uncertainties in life and in the markets

As far as we’re concerned, there are no “unforeseen” events. 

Having a quarterly stress test will provide ongoing confidence for how long your money will last because it’s based on worst case scenarios of the past.

Mindset Reset

To grow & preserve your wealth, investment management must be guided by present-day reality, NOT by an advisor’s commissions or company sales quotas. If your financial institution is investing your money without testing the real-life sustainability of your portfolio, it may be time to test it.

“The way he explains things makes it a lot easier to understand. He makes you
feel comfortable about deciding on which investment strategy would be best.”


(So you can retire worry-free)